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Why Modo?

Is Modo for you?

If you want a professional website that you can easily update at any time and publish your information on the internet 24/7 then it’s for you. Afraid of technology? Modo does not require any programming expertise. If you can use a Word Processor and have a little experience surfing the web, then you should be able to use Modo. Support packages, tutorials and accompanying screen-cast videos are available, so you always have support.

What can it do for you?

Easily create your own website content. Instantly update and publish words, pictures or digital media. You can even manage your own meta-tags, descriptions and keywords and when combined with Google Analytics™ drive traffic to your site to increase sales, sell your product and make people aware of your services.

Present a professional, usable web presence with expert functionality to allow for easy communication with your global market. Extend the functionality of Modo with available add-ons: Create Gallery Slideshows, customize your own Contact Form, utilize SiteSearch or ArticleFeeds.

Utilize the built-in features of Modo to embed YouTube videos, upload Word, PDF, Excel or mp3 files—even integrate custom scripts for tracking or statistics—the possibilities are endless.